Friday, November 11, 2016

Photo Friday, Japanese Gardens. November 11 2016

The city of Tokyo can be crushingly dense, a thick jungle of concrete all the way from Ikebukuro to Odaiba. But nestled between the office towers, the highways, the izakayas and the subway stations, wanderers can find immaculately manicured, traditional Japanese gardens such as the one we're in today. Taken on a hot summer's day in infrared, we're somewhere in Minato ward exiting a small lake tea house, one that
serves cold matcha served over ice. As is common in this season, the sky is filled with haze, some combination of humidity and pollution blowing across the sea from China. Unlike infrared photos taken when the atmosphere is clear where the result is then a pitch-black sky, now the sky glows a bright reddish orange, like the sun that envelops all.