The Coffeepott Blog aims to pursue the practical exploration of photography, particularly travel photography and also most any other photography conducted outside of the studio.

The Coffeepott Blog is currently maintained and updated by one author, T. Coffee Pott, a ghostwriter, editor and corporate trainer by profession, and a Japanese literature and history scholar by qualification.

Pott has been enjoying photography since the age of 6 when he received his first camera, a compact 110 film point and shoot camera. Pott is an avid nature and landscape photographer, a travel photographer primarily by circumstance, an aspiring street photographer, and is actively pursuing the "art" of available light portrait photography. Pott's work is frequently met with dissatisfaction by himself, polite praise from friends and family, and mild interest at best from most third parties. His photography, much like his use of superlatives in writing, may best be described as oversaturated.