Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello world : Iron-Alloy Man

Howdy world. This is the first blog post for the newly re-launched wideaperture dot org. When I say newly re-launched, I actually mean pre-soft-launch. As in, I am still writing code, pages, deciding on things to do, not to do, etc. I've got some ideas for how to use the blog, namely to write short articles on techniques that I learn about. Things like Lightroom, Gimp, photospots to hit up while traveling, that sort of thing. But that all takes time. And as much as I'm looking forward to committing those ideas to blog posts, I'm still working on the main hub for everything, I should finish that first. Additionally, I've got a real job which consumes a considerable amount of my time. Plus I'm doing a lot of work on my YouTube channel. Free time is a thing of the past, sadly. But give it time, things are coming together. And by posting this entry, I'll be able to make better decisions on blog layout schemes and whatnot.

Just so as not to go away empty handed, have a look at this short 3D animated video I made in Blender. One of my goals is to learn how to do 3D animation at a passable level, so I'm slowly making my way through some online tutorials. This was the first character model I made in Blender, as well as my first IK bone rig. I learned how to do it from a great YouTube tutorial (I forget the address but it's easy to find great ones there). In it my metallic character, Iron Alloy Man, awakens from his default character model state, realizes he can move, and then takes the opportunity to try to (quite badly) dance.

My next character animation goal is to make one that walks. I'm hoping to overlay that on top of video of my windowsill.

Until next time, internet! Thanks for stopping by.