Friday, May 29, 2015

New Logos - Trying out Inkscape for vector drawing

Things are coming together with a slightly better looking logo

So I downloaded Inkscape, a free, open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator today. I would love to use Illustrator, but it's currently not something I can afford with my budget, time being my only resource(and even that is limited). I haven't even tried to do any graphic design work in close to 15 years, but I came up with three designs for my slowly forming Virtua-Studio. The results went from somewhat clownish, to not great and finished with "yeah, I'll go with that". (See below)

Failed experiment one

Almost acceptable

Good enough for the foreseeable future

I liked using a vector drawing program. It's been a long time. Inkscape impressed me by not having a completely unusable interface. Some things I didn't get about it, like the backwards thinking behind the export to PNG menu options, or the bizarre way I had to pull up the properties for objects that I put on my canvas. But overall I liked that it wasn't impossible to get decent enough results from it. Also for something that is less than what I would call a hobby of mine, I'm very happy with the logo I put together. Expect to see it as a video overlay (along with something else I'm making in Blender) for future video work.