Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More about Inkscape

So I've recently come to conclude that Inkscape, the free, open source vector graphic drawing program that I've previously written about, is the coolest free app that I've encountered in a long time. I still don't like that it uses X11 on my Mac just because that has led to some problems with making other programs crash, but it seems to work fine provided that I'm not doing anything else which is too serious. 

It's really functional.

I've never taken a course or anything in Adobe Illustrator or any program like that, just played around with it in the past when I had access to it. Inkscape is basically like an older but still perfectly functional version of Illustrator. I was able to pick it up and make an acceptable art deco styled logo. I'm sure that if I take the time to learn more, I'll be able to produce even better results. 

It's nice when the world gives you nice things for free, isn't it.

I'm now a logo