Friday, November 18, 2016

Photo Friday, Datun Waterfall, November 14 2016

TGIF! This Friday we're looking at a black and white digital photograph from Taiwan. Even though right now much of the rest of the northern hemisphere is buttoning up their coats, getting ready for the crisp winter air, Taiwan remains a pleasant temperature. It's perfect for exploring the great outdoors. And in today's photo, we're doing so near Datun Waterfall in Northern Taiwan. 

Captured just as the sun was going down, the surrounding forest was beginning to darken. However sitting in a single channel of light coming through, in our photo we see a girl staring out in wonder across the dark water in front of her, enjoying the last rays of light. Darkness may be overrunning the forest, but she'll have none of it.


Datun Falls can be found at the following GPS coordinates.:

25°09'42.3"N 121°32'10.6"E

Thanks to Waterfalls in Taiwan for providing information about this great photo spot.